Our Service

  • We offer Tailoring training to women, adolescent girls, students and etc.,

  • We Provide income generation training to poor village people on “Desi Bird Keeping” the backyard farming will certainly improve the economic status of a large majority of rural" families from lower socioeconomic strata in the rural / tribal areas. Backyard farming fulfils a wide range of functions - e.g. the provision of meat and eggs, food for special festivals, chicken for traditional ceremonies, pest control and petty cash-while requiring minimal external inputs, minimal human attention, and causing minimal disruption to the environment.

  • Local people voluntarily involved in Construction of Farm Ponds in Seventhipatty &
  • Indian Bank Regional office has approved HEALDS as “A” Grade rating NGO in Namakkal District towards facilitating formation
  • One to Group Interactions for Anti Natal & Post Natal Mothers to be held in 6 clusters in
  • HIV/AIDS for Youth awareness programme is conducted in district level, and covered
  • Beautician Training for women SHG members

  • Mrs. Sathyabanu, one of our trainees, actively involved in the beautician training programme conducted by HEALDS – NGO supported by NABARD under SDI. Now she is individually start the parlour in mohanur with minimum facilities. She gradually improve her skill in beautician therapy and earn money Rs. 7000/- per month at present as a average income. She tells I will able to increase my income and invest in my parlour, I will sustained my income in future. Thank you NABARD and HEALDS.

Reed Grass(Korai) Mat Weaving Training to women farmers

Mohanur block is situated in Cauvery river bed area and is famous for “Korai Grass (Reed Grass) cultivated in a wider region approximately 15,000 hectares. This crop can stand draught, Floods, Salinity and other forms of Soil Stress.

Generally the mat woven from Reed grass growing on the banks of the Cauvery river bank in Tamil Nadu, the smoothness of the mats depends on how finely the Korai has been split. For the finest variety, the reed in split into nearly 100 pieces. It is then soaked in running water of the river for 3 to 7 days, after which the grass strips are kept in a water dye solution. Then the mats are woven on a loom with a cotton wrap, which the medium – quality is woven with cotton thread in the west.

Due end of this wet grass is inserted in a hole of a long fine stick, which can be compared to a huge needle, with the help of the stick, the grass is passed into the loom. Afterwards the stick and the grass is held on both sides by both hands and slightly twisted to give uniform roundness and strength. Then the reed is placed against it several times to keep it in position. After the weaving is complete, the mat is compressed to eliminate any unevenness, a process that takes at least four hours.

  • One to Group Interactions for Anti Natal & Post Natal Mothers to be held in 6 clusters in Mohanur block under PPTCT project supported by PACF
  • Rain water successfully harvested in newly constructed Farm ponds in seventhipatty village towards recharge the water level in nearby wells.
  • Staff capacity building training have been conducted by Tanurina from IMPACT, New Delhi at our office campus
  • HIV/AIDS for Youth awareness programme is conducted in district level, and covered 300 villages through Audio / Video shows by our Youth cultural team

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  • Namakkal Branch
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